The ABCs of fire safety
  • Top causes of wildfires, according to the Florida Division of Forestry:
    1. Burning debris or trash: People should pay close attention to drought and wind conditions before burning anything in their yards, and be aware that small fires can jump and spread quickly.
    2. Arson: There have already been a reported 78 incidents of arson, resulting in more than 1,380 burned acres, just this year.
    3. Equipment fires: Fix faulty brakes or anything that might spark, and be careful about parking hot engines or machines over dry grass.
    4. Children: Kids are fascinated with fire and like to play with lighters and matches. They have caused at least 31 fires this year.
    5. Campfire: It might look like it's fully extinguished. It's probably not.
  • Top 3 reasons why we should care
    1. The economy: Wildfires have a major impact on Florida's timber industry, which lessens the amount of money coming into the state.
    2. Wildlife and environment: Wild animals have always had a natural ability to escape fires, but it's more difficult when they're trapped between housing developments. Smoke affects air quality.
    3. Your own money: Even if you're doing an authorized burn, and the fire spreads by accident, you can be fined as little as $100 and as much as the cost of putting out hundreds of acres of brush fire.
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