For Their Own Good: Florida juvenile justice: 100 years of hell at the Dozier School for Boys

This video, captured on Feb. 11, 2007 inside Dozier's isolation unit, shows guard Alvin Speights, 23, grabbing Justin Caldwell, 18, by the throat and throwing him backward to the ground. The two come into view at the 4:38 mark.

At the 2:10 mark, Caldwell and Speights appear to be having a conversation in the upper right portion of the screen. At 2:20, Speights can be seen tripping Caldwell and taking him to the ground, then wrestling on top of him. Though it's out of the frame, officials say Speights was choking Caldwell on the ground.

This view facing north shows guards escorting Caldwell toward the exit when Caldwell, dizzy from being choked, falls and slams his head on a table. Guards then pull Caldwell into the middle of the room and call for help.

Guard Anthony Francis was terminated based on this video, which shows him sleeping for about 20 minutes. The video also shows that Francis failed to make several required 10-minute bed checks, and then falsified records to show that he had.

Guard Arthur Edmon Jr. posted this video to his MySpace page. The video shows him and his friends dunking a basketball and then pointing a gun at the camera. "We would certainly not want someone with a character that portrays negativity or violence or bad personal conduct to be working with kids," said DJJ spokesman Frank Penela.

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