#1 The "Super Power" building

A new Scientology landmark set to open soon on Fort Harrison Avenue. Also known as the Flag Mecca or Flag Building. In 2009, immediately after Brian Culkin arrived from Boston, a church staffer pressed him repeatedly to give $35,000 to help pay for this building. Culkin reluctantly gave $5,000. The 377,000-square-foot building will house more than 300 counseling rooms, 22 course rooms, a staff mess hall, a chapel, a book store, an atrium, lounge areas and a darkened indoor running track for a program known as the "Cause Resurgence Rundown." On the top floors, parishioners will be offered 12 "Super Power" processes called "rundowns" that promise to "put the person into a new realm of ability."


#2 The Sandcastle

A waterfront building at 200 N Osceola Ave. containing a hotel and counseling rooms for the advanced levels of Scientology. This is where Hy Levy spent his 16 years as a church "registrar," selling Scientology counseling in 12 1/2-hour packages called "intensives." Sometimes supervisors sent him to the Sandcastle galley to wash pots when he didn't hit church financial targets.


#3 The Fort Harrison Hotel

A landmark at 210 S Fort Harrison Ave. for more than 80 years. Scientology purchased the hotel in 1975 and re-dedicated it in 2009 after a $40-million upgrade. It has 220 guest rooms, a grand lobby, a newly refurbished auditorium and a ballroom on the top floor. Former Scientologist Brian Culkin recounts how church fundraisers repeatedly pressured him for money in the Fort Harrison in 2009. The hotel also was home at one time to Hy Levy's supervisors and fellow "registrars."


#4 The Oak Cove

A 13-story building at 210 S Osceola Ave. housing 240 guest rooms and space for Scientology counseling. Opened in 2008. Hy Levy's supervisor was in the Oak Cove, where she listened in on his sales pitches at the nearby Sandcastle building via hidden microphones. Brian Culkin said the Oak Cove is where large groups of church fundraisers cornered him, pushing him to donate money.


#5 Hacienda Gardens

A 200-unit apartment complex at 551 N. Saturn Avenue that serves as staff housing for members of Scientology's religious order, the Sea Organization. Hy Levy lived here since the late 1980s when he joined the Sea Org in Clearwater. One day in 2007, he boarded a church bus at Hacienda Gardens and got off before it reached downtown, escaping to Las Vegas. Sea Org members came after him and he returned to Clearwater, finally leaving the church in 2009.


Stories from the "Flag Land Base"

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