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Jamie Bennett

Bennett, 56, is the longest serving member of
the St. Petersburg City Council.

Meet the candidate

A sunny everyman with an aptitude for optimistic platitudes and gentle reprimands, Bennett has made few adversaries during his three-term stint at City Hall, an uncommon feat for any longtime politician. But to become the next mayor of St. Petersburg, Bennett will have to convince voters he can do more than play well with others. ... Read more

Campaign finances

Bennett, a New York native, mined for potential supporters north of the Panhandle, constructing his campaign's foundation with cash from California, New York and Tennessee.

  • Contribution totals in the first quarter*
  • Total raised $30,413 (100.0%)
  • Raised in St. Pete $21,689 (71.3%)
  • Raised in Florida $7,604 (25.0%)
  • Raised in other states $1,120 (3.7%)

  • How Bennett compares to other candidates*
  • Raised by everyone 233,089 (100.0%)
  • Bennett's portion 30,413 (13.0%)

*Totals do not include candidates' loans or donations to their own campaign.

The Race for Mayor
Meet the candidates

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What they're saying

The issues are as varied as the opinions. See what the candidates think about:

What you're saying

The Timessurveyed 600 registered St. Petersburg voters between June 11-16.

Who's raising money

More than $250,000 has been raised by candidates so far, setting the stage to make this the most expensive mayoral race in city history. See where the money's coming from.

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