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Tampa police officers David Curtis, Jeffrey Kocab gunned down

Rocked from their sleep by gunfire early June 29, the east Tampa residents found two police officers lying next to each other in the grass. David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab, both 31 years old working the midnight shift, had been shot in the head. Both were dying.

"Their weapons weren't drawn at all," said Rose Dodson, 32, who ran outside and checked each officer's pulse. "They didn't even get the chance."

The female driver of the red 1994 Toyota Camry that Curtis pulled over at 50th Street and E 23rd Avenue was gone. So was the passenger, Dontae Rashwan Morris, who is believed to have shot the officers after they tried to arrest him on an outstanding warrant.

Their disappearance would set off a massive manhunt in a city where another officer died in the line of duty just 10 months ago.

By day's end, the gunned-down officers — one a married father of four young sons, the other a married father-to-be — were dead at Tampa General Hospital.

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