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Rays fashion photo gallery

Ack! Our eyes! They burn! Members of the Tampa Bay Rays wore these, uh, "pants" for their Sept. 19 road trip to New York. The offending bottoms honor Pants Rowland, manager of the 1917 White Sox, the only team to reach the World Series after being no-hit twice in a season (sound familiar, Rays fans?). It's not unusual for the Rays to go nutty on their themed road trips, but this might take team bonding to levels previously unknown. The offensive pants sell for $95 at Joe Maddon, a.k.a. Andy Dick at the Masters, is wearing a model called "Bushwood." Evan Longoria and Matt Garza are bosom buddies in matching slacks stolen from Prince's Goodwill donation pile. Nothing has made us yearn more for baseball pants.

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