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Tampa crime rate
Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputy Felix Moret fills out paperwork while making a DUI arrest in March.

Tampa neighborhood crime statistics

Analysis of crime in Tampa and Hillsborough County

A St. Petersburg Times Special Report

Crime may be down in Hillsborough County, but the truth is that it can never be wiped out — at least not totally. Of one thing we can be certain: Anywhere people live in community together, crime will also reside. The St. Petersburg Times learned of nuances in local crime through a statistical analysis of illegal activity in 2009. We acquired the data, then crunched the numbers by neighborhood. The result is an in-depth snapshot of the types of crime that happen outside your front door. | Read more

Residents feel sidewalks, better lighting,
more stores would aid safety

From College Hill to Seminole Heights, homeowners and neighborhood watch members have few complaints about police enforcement. They're happy crime has declined for the past seven years. Many do, however, think another government agency needs to do a better job making their blocks safer: the city. | Read more

Crime stories from Tampa

Columns on crime

Data sources

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