The U.S. Navy Veterans Association responds

Answering questions from the St. Petersburg Times, the group sent hundreds of pages of e-mails that veered into attacks on the reporter, the newspaper and the nonprofit that owns it, the Poynter Institute. Here are nine key responses.

    • 9/11/09
      No member of the group will talk to the Times because its reporting can't be trusted.
    • 10/9/09
      A line-by-line critique of a story on former Hillsborough Elections Supervisor Buddy Johnson.
    • 10/30/09
      The Poynter Institute is "a dubious charity." Also, it would be be impossible for just one man to run the Navy Veterans organization.
    • 11/12/09
      Responses to questions about an auditor, an award and foundations the Times could not find, and to questions about Bobby Thompson's political contributions.
    • 11/27/09
      The Poynter Institute and the Times were "masterminded" to dodge taxes and support favored political activities.
    • 12/12/09
      The group ridicules the Times' inability to find its officers and calls the newspaper investigation a "pyschobabble-based attack."
    • 12/30/09
      The group says its own thorough review found no wrongdoing by the association. The group calls on the reporter to resign and the Times to pay its $36,099 legal bill.
    • 2/10/10
      The Times' e-mail and telephone messages left for two volunteers caused "emotional distress" and "physical pain." Future attempts to contatct them may be considered criminal "stalking."
    • 3/12/10
      The group puts the "truth-o-meter" on the Times and gives additional information on a questionable audit and its missing auditor.
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