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St. Petersburg is ready to spend $50 million to remake its upside-down landmark, the Pier. Our artist thought the city should plop BayWalk on top and run ziplines over the water and dreamt up "Our version." Then we asked you if you had better ideas and you had plenty to say. Click through the suggestions and compare the visions for our Pier.


Okay, here's the deal.

St. Petersburg dream pierSt. Petersburg's engineering consultant, Luis Ajamil, has produced renderings depicting any number of possibilities for the landmark tourist attraction. His ideas include bending the Pier north across the water and connecting it with Vinoy Park, where visitors might enjoy an observation tower or dancing fountains.

St. Petersburg developer Daryl LeClair has suggested parkland, a tram and a big public beach.

The city was seeking public comment.

Which gave us an idea.

We asked Times artist Don Morris to apply his reliably twisted imagination to the problem. You're looking at the result. It's unlikely the city will put a colossal statue of a tourist on its waterfront, but we thought the idea might inspire you.

Then we asked: What would you do with the Pier?

We asked readers for their boldest, most creative ideas for what to do with the Pier. They didn't hold back. We gatherred the best of the suggestions into a new fanciful illustration by Times artist Don Morris. Now you can compare.

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