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Osprey banding photo gallery

The three Dunedin Osprey Cam chicks were banded Thursday morning, May 12, by Gabe Vargo, a long time volunteer at Boyd Hill and a volunteer with the Audubon Society.

Bill Foster, with PowerTown Line Construction, carried Gabe up to the nest in a bucket truck payed for by the Clearwater Audubon Society. The band numbers will be sent to the USFWS bird banding laboratory.

"Banding allows us to track the birds," said Vargo. Vargo added that osprey numbers have been making a comeback though they aren't "back to pre DDT levels."

Some ospreys travel far away from their birth nest. If something happens to them and the band number is recovered, the USFWS scientists will be able to study their travels. "Tells us something about their whole life," said Barb Walker, the raptor chair of the Clearwater Audubon Society.

The osprey nest can be viewed live online at

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