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Pakistan U.S. relations photo gallery

A decade and some $20 billion after 9/11, here's what the United States has to show for its relationship with Pakistan -- a widespread belief that the Osama Bin Laden wasn't killed in Abbottabad. A fear that Pakistan is overrun with U.S. spies working to destabilize the country. A perception that America's real interest in Pakistan is to seize the region's gas and mineral riches. And perhaps the only thing that exceeds Pakistanis' dislike of the U.S. government -- though not of American culture, fast food and values -- is contempt for their own corrupt, unresponsive leaders. Many Pakistanis blame that on the U.S. too, saying America has invested in corrupt politicians and generals when its billions would be better spent on hospitals and highways. Pakistan, the world's sixth most populous nation and one of the world's poorest, is already a banana republic, some say, and on its way to becoming the world's first nuclear-armed failed state.

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