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Tyler Sexton photo gallery

When Tyler Sexton, born at only 28 weeks of gestation, was diagnosed at 18 months with cerebral palsy, his mother went home, closed the blinds, and mourned in the dark. She had to let go of the dream of a normal child after being told he would never walk and would likely be mentally handicapped. But Tyler was born with a strong will to prove people wrong. By age 3, he was hobbling around with a walker. When balance problems caused him to fall and break bones, he got a Segway and a dog, Danny, trained to help him keep his balance. He graduated from college and dreamed of medical school, but U.S. med schools wouldn't admit him, saying he was too disabled to be a doctor. So he went to a med school in the Caribbean and today has his doctorate of medicine in hyperbaric medicine and also teaches at the school. And his mom now has the blinds wide open.

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