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Run the red light? You'll be seen

St. Petersburg began issuing tickets from 16 cameras at 11 intersections on Monday Oct. 31, with Tampa following and activating 28 cameras at 14 intersections on Tuesday, Nov. 1. The new additions nearly doubled the digital coverage at busy Tampa Bay area intersections. State lawmakers established rules and penalties for red-light cameras in July, with little variation between cities and counties. So no matter where that eye in the sky may be watching, here's a primer on how it works.

Intersections with cameras

The map on this page shows the locations of activated and planned red-light cameras in the Tampa Bay area. Camera locations can move from time to time as ticket collection or accident rates change. The law requires that a roadside sign warn drivers that they are approaching an intersection with a red-light camera.

Map key

Currently in use Proposed

Stories from the road

Read archived times coverage about each of the seven municipalities that currently operate the cameras.

Under consideration

These cities are in the process of implementing red-light camera plans.

Suspended programs

Brooksville suspended its red-light camera program after two years, and St. Pete Beach decided aagainst installing lights.

Recent stories

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