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A Voicemail Jim Greer left for former Gov. Charlie Crist

Former Gov. Charlie Crist, from left, and his wife, Carole, are pictured with Lisa and Jim Greer at the baptism of the Greers' son.

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Listen to the message:
[Orange County Clerk's file ]

A Voicemail Jim Greer left for former Gov. Charlie Crist June 12, 2011

Just about a year after his good friend and confidante Jim Greer was indicted on felony charges of organized fraud, theft and money laundering, former Gov. Charlie Crist found an ominous-sounding voice mail and a similar text message on his cell phone from the former chair of the Republican Party of Florida.

Crist reported the calls to FDLE on June 13, 2011, a day after the messages were left. Investigators and prosecutors interviewed Crist in Tampa a month later. Crist told them he had spoken with Greer from time to time after his resignation from the party but said the messages "came from out of the blue."

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