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RNC 2012: Where the protestors might go

Tampa will swarm with discontent during the Republican National Convention. Protesters have filed requests to march, bike, rally, pray, party and sculpt ice. But as those permit requests offer local officials an early glimpse of how the city will be transformed in August, they don't tell the whole story. Many groups don't intend to inform the city, much less ask permission. Read more

Aug. 9: RNC protesters look like customers to some businesses

Aug. 1: Tampa to provide RNC protesters with water, toilets and cooling misters

July 3: RNC party zone proposed next to parade route, protest areas

June 27: Tampa sets parade route, protest area for Republican National Convention

June 24: Many Republican National Convention protesters won't follow Tampa's script

June 16: Bingo balls decide RNC protest lineup; union is a big winner

May 27: Tampa police study Chicago protests to hone RNC strategy

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Here is where police hope protestors will go:

Source: City of Tampa