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A decade of FCAT:
How Tampa Bay's major school districts stack up

To measure progress on FCAT, the state's high-stakes measure of achievement, the Tampa Bay Times requested 10 years of district-wide proficiency data for grades 3-10 combined from the state Department of Education. The analysis looked at the percentage of students scoring a 3 or above, a passing score on a 1 to 5 scale. The review also looked at student subgroups: white, black, Hispanic and low-income. Every district improved, some more than others. In some cases, less than a percentage point separates districts, so researchers urge caution in drawing absolute conclusions.

Supporting data
  • See all of the Times' analysis on our shared spreadsheets including 10 years of FCAT reading and math results for the state's 12 biggest school districts grades 3-10 combined, results for whites, Hispanics, black and those eligible for free-reduced lunch, and demographics information and changes. [Source: Department of Education]

District Demographics
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