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Florida Virtual School: A growing enterprise

The largest and oldest state-funded online school in the nation
falls outside many traditional measures of educational success.

How FLVS courses work

Total no.: More than 110 courses from core subjects to electives, and is continually adding new ones.

Communication: Students interact with teachers through email, voice mail, telephone and instant messenger. Teachers speak via telephone with students and their parents at least once a month.

Pace: Students can go at their own pace, but usually complete the work on a 16- to 18-week schedule schedule or an accelerated option. A calendar tells students how many lessons they need to complete each week to keep up with the class, and they follow lectures through the notes, videos and interactive games set up for each lesson.

Assignments: Once they start a course, students have access to all assignments, but can only access tests or quizzes after certain assignments have been completed.

These lesson introduction excerpts were provided by Florida Virtual School show lesson obectives. To see more class examples:

  • Course demonstrations
  • More course introduction videos
    • Algebra 1

      Order of operations

      Are you craving a nice big bowl of macaroni and cheese now? Probably not! In the macaroni and cheese video above, the ingredients listed on the box were combined in the wrong order. As you saw, the completed dish didn't turn out the way Sarah expected!

      In cooking, it is important to combine ingredients and follow the recipe in the correct order. When you do this, you end up with a dish that is very tasty! In Algebra, it is equally important to follow a specific order when simplifying expressions. If you are careful to follow the right order of operations (which is like a recipe for math) when simplifying expressions, the answer is always correct!

      After completing this lesson, you will be able to:
      Simplify numerical expressions using Order of Operations.

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