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Where it's happening

For the night: Delegates, media and staff are staying at hotels across the four-county Tampa Bay area.

Find your fun: We're your local experts. Read Things To Do for our guide to the best of Tampa Bay.

Find the buzz on Twitter. Here's what #RNC2012 is talking about right now:

Switch to the big map

Where the action is this week as some parts of town are locked down by the Secret Service. Other areas will have lots of visiting delegates.

Share your traffic tweets. Only rule of this road: No tweeting while driving. Hands on that wheel!

Map and Traffic Highlights from the Republican National Convention

See where the Tampa Republican National Convention action is happening with our interactive RNC maps and Tampa Bay traffic twitter coverage. We have map and location information to keep you informed about RNC protest zones, parks and roads being used for RNC events and marches, Tampa and St. Pete road closures as well as media and delegate hotel accommodations.

Conventional Wisdom

A series of graphics that tell the story of the 2012 Republican National Convention in facts and figures.

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