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Choosing a Pier: Shaping St. Petersburg's future

On Friday, a month after three international firms unveiled their individual designs for updating St. Petersburg's signature structure, the Pier design competition jury will rank which firm's philosophy best suits the city's needs. Then it will be up to the City Council to open negotiations with a firm. To further that discussion, we posed separate questions to different groups. Of three former mayors we asked: What should be the role of the Pier for the next half-century? Which design best suits that? Of two middle-aged residents: What is the point of the Pier as a symbol and as an attraction? Which design would fit how you would use the Pier? And of two teens: The new Pier could be around past your retirement. Which design suits how you would use the pier now and as you grow up? Here's what they had to say.

The Wave by BIG from Denmark.
The Eye by West 8 Urban Design in New York City.
The Lens by Michael Maltzan Architecture of Los Angeles.

Community opinions:
Editorials from the Tampa Bay Times:
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