Tampa Bay Times' Top 50 Restaurants of Tampa Bay, the 2015 edition

Top 50 Restaurants of Tampa Bay, 2015 Edition

Reviews by Laura Reiley, Times Food Critic
Photography from Times files
Developed by Alexis N. Sanchez

Here are Times food critic Laura Reiley’s top 50 restaurants of Tampa Bay, based on what she ate and saw in 2014. It was a year of explosive growth for Florida’s small farmers and artisanal foods, and the best Tampa Bay restaurants engaged with national trends without wallowing in trendiness. Plus, Florida's gulf coast caught the attention of several of America's most well-known chefs as potentially rich new territory for their culinary ambitions.

Across price point, cuisine and geography, explore the Tampa Bay area’s best places to eat in 2015, starting with the Top 10 ranked by number and the rest alphabetically.

Did we miss your favorite restaurant? Leave us a comment at the bottom of the page. Share pictures from your favorite places to dine in the Tampa Bay area with the tag #tampabayeats. Need help deciding where to start on the list? Take our Tampa Bay Top 50 Restaurants Quiz to see where you should dine.

The Top 10

1. Ava

2. Rooster and the Till

3. Edison

4. The Refinery

5. Il Ritorno

6. Castile

7. Ulele

8. Pearl in the Grove

9. Cafe Ponte

10. Mise en Place

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