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The 2015 tbt* Ultimate Tampa Bay Bar Guide

The Ultimate Bar Guide

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The idea behind the 2015 tbt* Ultimate Bar Guide started from a selfish place. After meeting friends at Green Bench Brewing Co. in St. Pete with our baby in tow, I wondered: What other bars are set up so that I don't feel crazy for having the wee one with me? And a theme was born. Our writers have tackled 16 drinking topics and offer you geographically diverse options all around Tampa Bay. Got a boat? Want to dance? Crave a view? We're all over that. There are several more suggestions for kid-friendly bars where no one is likely to give you the "you've got a baby ... in a bar" side eye. And if you prefer to take your furry baby out on the town, we've got that covered, too. Fear not, fantasy baseball/football/whatever lovers: There are bars that cater to your needs. And we're not all fancy - we have a soliloquy to the venerable dive bar, not to mention a few classics to try out. Don't drink? Food critic Laura Reiley has rounded up the best snacks that bay area bars have to offer, from free to cheap.

Cheers! - Ellen E. Clarke, tbt* editor

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