Bucs' cannons under fire from Redskins' Josh Norman

Published August 7 2017
Updated August 7 2017

While you're at it, hey, Gene Deckerhoff, tone it down with all that, "Fire the cannons" talk, okay?

The Bucs' practice of shooting cannons — not real cannons, mind you — from the pirate ship in the end zone is under fire, as Redskins cornerback Josh Norman sees hypocrisy that he's not allowed to make a bow-and-arrow gesture in celebration. The NFL is relaxing its celebration rules this season, but still doesn't want to see gestures that are "offensive or violent" in nature.

Norman, accustomed to Raymond James Stadium's traditions from his Panthers days, asked the Washington Post why one, but not the other?

"I don't understand it," Norman said. "I can't shoot a pretend bow and arrow, but when Tampa Bay fires off their cannon, that's fine? That's a hostile act."

Whether you agree with Norman or the league, it's an amusing debate to have. The Redskins come to Tampa for the final preseason game, and while Norman isn't likely to play at all, it'll be fun to see his reaction each time the "hostile act" takes place.

And can they get former Rays closer Fernando Rodney for the coin toss, please?

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