Captain’s Corner: A little wind doesn’t stop hot fishing in November


Despite many windy days, November fishing has been amazing. The water is cooling off, and the fish are becoming more aggressive. Its getting to be the time of year when the cold fronts start to make their way out of the north. When this happens, winds start to blow stronger. You always should have an alternate plan to find fishing spots that can protect you from the wind, although a little wind can make for a good and comfortable fishing day. When there is a ripple on the water, it enables you to sneak up on fish without spooking them. The snook bite has been the best of the inshore species this month. They recognize that winter is fast approaching and that they need to eat. St. Petersburg, upper Tampa Bay and the south shore of Tampa Bay have produced nice fish. There are redfish mixed in, too. The big schools that weve been used to seeing the past few months have broken up. Offshore and inside of 5 miles on the hard bottom have produced nonstop kingfish action. Trolling lures has produced some fish, but the best action has been anchoring up and chumming them to the boat. Fish have been anywhere from 15-40 pounds. Mix in Spanish mackerel, bonita and sharks to the action and you have a day to remember.

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