Captain’s Corner: Bay area reefs, hard bottoms, flats worth your attention


With air temperature still in the upper 70s to low 80s during the day in between cool fronts, you might want to look around bay area reefs, hard bottoms and flats. When the water starts warming in the middle of the day, snook start biting. But donít forget the dock lights and around bay area bridges at night for some great fishing before the next cold front comes in. With water temperature still in the low to mid 70s during midday, fish the reefs first in the morning for sheepshead, grouper and mango snapper. The bite has been great in the morning when the sun gets up a little. As the water warms, nice trout and redfish are moving around the flats. As the sun gets higher, head to creeks and flats for snook. Look around the Skyway or up the bay by the Gandy Bridge flats. In the late afternoon and evenings, fish the mangrove shoreline with jerk baits and suspending baits.

Jim Lemke charters out of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater and can be reached at (813) 917-4989 and at [email protected]