Captain’s Corner: Better late than never as flounder invade area waters


It took all year, but it has finally happened. Flounder have invaded Tampa Bay waters. They usually arrive in late spring or early summer. This year, they just hadnít come in. They are now here. The big trick is finding the larger fish. Baby flounder are abundant in certain locations. The big fish are in other locations. Flounder are not hard to catch if you follow certain guidelines. The biggest: You canít go too slow. I use 5-inch plastic tails moved at a snailís pace just above the bottom. As opportunists, flounder just open their mouths and swallow your lure. It is like dead weight. People mistake hooking the bottom with a flounder strike. Flounder must be 12 inches. I donít keep them until they are about 14 inches. You are allowed to keep 10. If you go to the right spot, getting a significant number of flounder is a possibility. Like pompano, flounder are one of the least utilized fish in Tampa Bay.

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