Captain’s Corner: It’s tough, but with right plan, fish will bite

Published January 29 2018
Updated January 30 2018

Even the best struggle sometimes. As captains, we all like to write reports about our best catches. The truth is that some days are just more difficult than others to produce banner catches. We have to deal with the same conditions as everyone else and right now, that means exceptionally cold water and fluctuating weather patterns. The secret to success in this scenario may be to stay on the move and not waste time in unproductive areas. There is, however, a fine line between being patient enough to give the spot a fair chance and just sitting on it too long. The fishesí metabolisms have slowed, meaning it takes longer than usual to convince them to chew. Iíve gone to some of my best winter canals recently and fished the best dock lines with little results. Submerged structures throughout the bay that typically would produce have had little to no action. Iíve had to dig deeper into my playbook for a plan that works. In the end, we always catch fish. Sheepshead and sea bass have been the most cooperative on live shrimp.

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