Captain’s Corner: Kingfish, sharks provide aerial displays

Published April 16 2018
Updated April 16 2018

Fishing was good this past Saturday, ahead of the cold front. We fished close to shore about 2 miles. Our approach was simple. We anchored the boat, fished with live baits and chummed heavily. Kingfish action was nonstop for the entire morning. We caught 12 kings from 15 to 20 pounds. They were skyrocketing out of the water chasing our baits with a fury. We had multiple hook ups at one time. Every hour or so we would be interrupted by a shark. This made the day even more exciting. Three sharks were large hammerheads, 7 to 10 feet long. They would swim right up to the boat after being hooked. We also hooked a few 100-pound spinner sharks, which leaped out of the water after being hooked up. These large cousins to the black tip shark spin like a top while airborne. These aerial displays from kingfish and sharks made for one of the most exciting days this year. Eventually the winds picked up, forcing us back to port. We will get back out once the winds calm down again Wednesday. With springtime fishing is you never know whatís going to bite. Multiple species are migrating our way, adding to the great action.

Dave Mistretta captains Jaws Too out of Indian Rocks Beach. Call (727) 439-2628 or visit