Captain’s Corner: November means strong snook fishing


November is the month that moves most inshore fish from the flats to the backcountry creeks, docks and rivers. Itís a month when you can enjoy great weather and great fishing without waking up at the crack of dawn. The South Shore in particular has some of the best snook fishing around as this area plays host to four major river systems. These areas provide an excellent warm water refuge for snook and other species throughout the winter. Greenbacks are the bait of choice, but they will be a bit of a challenge as they have shifted to deeper water. Shrimp is a great alternative if you donít want to put in the effort or time to get greenbacks. These same areas where you will find snook also will hold reds and trout. This is where shrimp will sometimes outproduce greenbacks this time of year. Trout will also be very productive on the grass flats. Its a good time to dust out the bag of artificial bait. Grab your bag of soft plastics and start casting away. Trout will not be far behind.

Jason Prieto is a full-time fishing guide and can be reached at (813) 727-9890.