Captain’s Corner: Summer’s end brings changes in fish habits

Brian Caudill
Brian Caudill
Published September 3 2018
Updated September 3 2018

Though on the calendar summerís end is drawing near, temperatures in Florida will remain in the mid 80s and low 90s for quite a while. However, fish know that itís time to start migrating back toward their transitional locations for fall. Snook are still hanging around the beaches. Not in the same numbers but still a dependable bite if you can find them. The male fish tend to hang around a lot longer than the females especially after they have laid their eggs. Trout are very plentiful along the beach but more reliable on the grass flats inside of the passes. Sardines are my favorite bait of choice when targeting both snook and trout, and small pinfish works for both. Redfish are starting to show up a little better, especially around the higher tides. It may take some effort, but once they are found, cut baits placed in the potholes adjacent to the mangroves have worked really well. Normally I advocate fishing in the bushes, skipping baits as deep as possible. But in my area redfish are schooling on the outside more commonly. Not a lot of upper slot fish but more of the smaller to mid slot fish have been working the sand holes and chasing pinfish. On the weaker moon phases Iíve focused on near shore species. Mackerel have been attacking bait schools within 1 to 2 miles of shore, especially near all of the passes in North Pinellas. Again, greenbacks are the better choice but throwing silver spoons has always been a go-to bait for those not able to catch live bait and store it in the boat. Mackerel will be a pretty reliable source of action through the fall.

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