Captain’s Corner: Target big trout in shallower water


Big trout, a wintertime favorite, have gotten into their yearly patterns. It is unusual not to catch a big trout this time of year. Catching trout is pretty easy around Tampa Bay. Catching big trout is more exact. The very biggest are usually caught while fishing for redfish this time of year. Therefore, big trout are going to be in shallower water. At high tides in many locations, the trout are up against the trees. All year, they will be in areas that have seagrass bottom or are bordering seagrass. Catching the fish is pretty straightforward. The best success is found by moving lures at a minimum speed down by the bottom. A light striker, trout will pick up and drop a lure several times before finally eating the hook. Use the lightest tackle you have. Trout are not going to require any kind of heavy gear. Keep it light and catch more trout. The rod, the reel, the leader, the main line all should be very light.

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