Captain’s Corner: Warmup holds promise of improved fishing

Published February 6 2018
Updated February 6 2018

This week’s warmup is creating a buzz on the fishing scene. January’s onslaught of powerful cold fronts made it tough to get into any kind of a rhythm out on the water. Water temperatures have been creeping up this past week and the closer we get to 70 degrees the more we should start to see the redfish move around. Trout fishing has been very good throughout the Intracoastal Waterway despite a bit of a struggle to find clean water on the incoming tide. Northeast winds last week had us tucked up tight to the east side of the Intracoastal where we found trout holding close to flats dropoffs that were exposed much of the day due to the full moon tides. Freeline live shrimp up-current and let it drift with the tide to cover a larger area and fool the bigger trout. Leader size hasn’t seemed to matter much with the off-colored water. Lighter, thinner braided line will help get the needed distance on the cast. Redfish numbers seem to be growing.

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