Friday, November 17, 2017

Outdoors notes: Volunteers needed for Bahia Beach plantings


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plantings for Bahia Beach require help

Tampa Bay Watch needs 100 volunteers to plant salt marsh at Bahia Beach in Ruskin from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. This work day is family-friendly and open to environmentally conscious people of all ages. The 144-acre parcel, which will be restored to its natural state, was purchased by Hillsborough County through the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program. The new marsh will provide habitat for fish, birds and mammals. To sign up, go to or call (727) 867-8166.


Longtime tarpon event nears start

Registration for the 79th Suncoast Tarpon Roundup gets under way from 7 to 9 tonight at Ferg's (1320 Central Ave., St. Petersburg). The tournament begins 6 a.m. May 18 and ends at 6 p.m. July 26. The Junior Fish-Off is scheduled for July 27, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. while the Regular Division Fish-Off is Aug. 3. For daily standings and tournament information go to suncoast


Permits for hunts require signup

For the past 16 years the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has offered unique fall-season hunts for deer, wild hog and released quail on selected state land. To learn more or apply for your permit, go to

Send news to Terry Tomalin at [email protected] or call (727) 893-8808.

Solunar chart


Minor Major Minor Major

5/3 1:10 7:15 1:25 7:40

5/4 1:55 8:05 2:15 8:25

5/5 2:40 8:45 2:55 9:10

5/6 3:25 9:30 3:40 9:50

5/7 4:05 10:10 4:20 10:35

5/8 4:50 10:55 5:05 11:15

5/9 5:30 11:35 5:45 0


Captainís Corner: Calm seas closer to beaches rewards with kingfish

Strong east winds have made it challenging for offshore anglers. The first few miles are quite tolerable since the land buffers the shoreline. After that, sea conditions have been tougher. Anglers searching for kingfish have been rewarded with calm s...
Published: 11/16/17

Captainís Corner: A little wind doesnít stop hot fishing in November

Despite many windy days, November fishing has been amazing. The water is cooling off, and the fish are becoming more aggressive. Itís getting to be the time of year when the cold fronts start to make their way out of the north. When this happens, win...
Published: 11/15/17

Captainís Corner: Fly fishing success possible, even in wind

When your day to fly fish arrives, do you hope for a day without wind? Knowledgeable fly fishers know there are many ways to deal with different wind situations. Avoid open water, and select an area that offers protection. Stay close to shore and use...
Published: 11/12/17
Updated: 11/14/17

Captainís Corner: Low tides and cold fronts make for rewarding fishing

Fall and winter low tides combined with cold fronts passing through can lead to highly rewarding fishing. It takes winds blowing 20-plus miles an hour out of the northeast combined with an astronomical low tide around the new moon and full moon phase...
Published: 11/12/17
Updated: 11/13/17

Captainís Corner: Reef fish abundant offshore; mackerel, kings better near shore

Before this recent cold front, we were able to travel where we wanted, and the calm seas allowed us to make the mistake of running past the best depths for our type of fishing. The 40- to 50-foot depths produced almost nonstop action from reef fish, ...
Published: 11/12/17
Captainís Corner: Mackerel still going strong in bay area

Captainís Corner: Mackerel still going strong in bay area

The fall king mackerel run is still going strong. The fish have seemed to come in waves; one week there are numerous fish more than 30 pounds, and a week or two later no one can find any more than 20. It also seems the fish are not moving south all t...
Published: 11/11/17

Captainís Corner: Cold front should push fish into backcountry waters

The approaching front is forecast to drop temperatures for a couple of days. This should push more fish into the backcountry rivers and creeks that feed the bay. Once the front passes and the weather stabilizes, fishing should return to normal. This ...
Published: 11/10/17

Captainís Corner: Kingfish domination

With calm seas and water temperature just the way they like it, kingfish will dominate much of the nearshore and offshore activity. Light wind and strong tides from the weekendís full moon have allowed nearshore waters to cleanse, so baits are being ...
Published: 11/08/17
Captainís Corner: November means strong snook fishing

Captainís Corner: November means strong snook fishing

November is the month that moves most inshore fish from the flats to the backcountry creeks, docks and rivers. Itís a month when you can enjoy great weather and great fishing without waking up at the crack of dawn. The South Shore in particular has s...
Published: 11/07/17
Updated: 11/09/17

Captainís Corner: Better late than never as flounder invade area waters

It took all year, but it has finally happened. Flounder have invaded Tampa Bay waters. They usually arrive in late spring or early summer. This year, they just hadnít come in. They are now here. The big trick is finding the larger fish. Baby flounder...
Published: 11/07/17