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10 apps to make school a cinch

So your parents keep yelling at you for being on your phone instead of doing your school work. Prove to them that phones can be tools of academia through these 10 productivity apps. 1. Homework This app allows you to enter, categorize, organize, prioritize and keep a record of all of the homework you have for each  …


  1. Campus tour: University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind.

    The University of Notre Dame has been immortalized by the movie Rudy and by Saturday home football games on NBC. Some of the hype is true, but there is definitely more to the story. Here's the real scoop from a Notre Dame sophomore.
  2. NYU: The city is your campus

    New York UniversityNew York, NYDistance from home: 1,160 miles NE; but a quick plane rideFour-year private university
  3. Macalester College: Liberal shelter from a cold, cruel world

    Distance from home: 1600 miles NWSchool type: Private, 4-yearAdmission difficulty: HighSize: Small. You can walk corner-to-corner without breaking a sweat
  4. Indiana University: You know we're called Hoosiers, right?

    Indiana University, BloomingtonPublic four-year universityAdmission difficulty: AverageSize: Huge. There are 40,000 undergraduate students.
  5. Harvard University

    Name of institution: Harvard University ("Hahvahd" to the local folk)
  6. Georgetown University: Do you dream of being president someday?

    Washington, D.C.Private 4-year Jesuit universityCompare to: the Ivy LeaguesAdmission difficulty: HighSchool size: SmallTuition: About $38,616 and increasing rapidly by the minute. By the time you read this, the tuition could reach $50,000.
  7. Florida State University

    TallahasseePublic four-year universityAdmission difficulty: Harder than University of Central Florida, but easier than University of Florida.Size: Nole-normous (40,000)
  8. Emmanuel College, Kimberly Sears

    Emmanuel College, BostonPrivate Catholic InstitutionDistance from home: 1,183 miles NE
  9. Duke: So good you'll be willing to sleep in a tent

    Durham, N.C.Private 4-year universitySchool size: SmallDistance from home: 700 miles NEAdmission difficulty: Wannabe Harvard Hard
  10. Doane College: We like to cancel class every now and then

    Crete, NebraskaPrivate 4-year Liberal Arts CollegeAdmission difficulty: MediumSchool size: SmallTuition: About $27,000 per yearTypical student: "Hi my name is ____ and I come from [insert small, Nebraska farming community here] where I was involved in every …