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  1. ANGELA CANTADA: Fear of onesie


    "It's really cool! And this onesie is really warm inside, my boyfriend got it for me on my birthday and people seem to really like it. To be honest, they kind of scared me at first."

    Brenda Vargas   |   Largo High
  2. HALEY BRUMBAUGH: Days of the week


    "My friend says I'm most relatable on Wednesdays, sometimes on Sundays, and I'm never relatable on Saturdays; you missed your shot."

  3. NICK PHAM: A bit of everybody


    "Something special about me? I don't know. Really! I do things that everybody else does... I feel like I'm literally the embodiment of 'everybody.' Well, I enjoy volunteering. This summer, I want to set up a tutoring service for students. Not for profit, I just want to help out the community."

  4. SARAH KUBA: Love, loyalty and lacrosse


    "I honestly sorta stumbled into the sport; my friend mentioned it to me and I thought I might as well give it a shot. I would have never pictured myself as a lacrosse player, but I was a very active athlete in middle school. It started out as just for fun, but I began to really fall in love with the game. My school …

    Sydney Robinson   |   Palm Harbor High
  5. VI NGUYEN: Cold weather crumble


    "What has been on your mind lately?"

    "Just school in general. Even the cold weather makes it harder to get up in the morning or to work on something. It's just little stuff like that, that makes me lazy to do anything."

    (Vi Nguyen, Robinson High senior)

  6. ADRIANNA GONZALES: Virtual Students, Real Emotions


    "We dance hip hop together. When we dance, it's like we're in sync with each other. Dance is a way to let your emotions out. If I've had a particularly stressful day, dance is an outlet for me. It's a way for me to clear my head. We both do Florida Virtual School because we travel a lot for dance. The coolest place that …

    KATELYN NELLER   |   Palm Harbor University

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