Friday, August 17, 2018
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Homecoming proposals to forget

Lots of people get pretty creative around this time of year to land a homecoming date. But asking can quickly turn from awesome to awkward, leading to broken hearts or at least popped balloons and, if the proposal is made in public, lots of gawking. • Here are observations on three actual asks. We've not used names, to protect the innocent. Be glad they weren't you, and if they were, there's always the witness protection program.

Uh, yeah, flowers, sure I'll go

Last week St. Petersburg High senior Amani Holder witnessed an especially uncomfortable homecoming ask.

"He had a bouquet of flowers and everything," she said. "I could tell that she really wasn't into it and she looked as if she was going to say no. She reluctantly took the flowers.

"It was one of the most awkward acceptances I've ever seen."

On second thought, maybe not

Imani Musengwa, a Dixie Hollins High freshman, recalls the story of one of her junior friends.

"One of her male friends asked her to homecoming, and she said yes. The next day she was walking in the hallway and spotted the boy who asked her … holding hands with another girl. Turns out that he had a girlfriend!" As expected, she retracted her original "yes."

Lame is one word for it

Not everyone is lucky enough to be rejected in advance. In some instances, disaster doesn't strike until the day of the big dance. Ashley Major, a senior at St. Petersburg High, tells of this unfortunate experience of one of her close friends.

"He asked a girl who wasn't a student at the school, and she accepted. The day of the dance, she calls him saying that she had broken her foot. Later on, we found out that she never broke her foot, it was just a lame excuse to get out of going."