Friday, January 19, 2018

How well do you know your slang?

Are your eyebrows "on fleek?" Is your "OTP" Big Sean and Ariana Grande? (Spoiler alert: They broke up weeks ago. You're "low key" super late if "UOENO." If you answered "yaasss" you might know a little somethin' somethin' but "no flex zone." If you have no idea what's being said, keep reading!

bae*: Means "before anyone else" and has evolved to being synonymous for babe or baby.

Used in a sentence: I miss you bae.

***Can also be used as: Zayn Malik was bae before he left One Direction.

basic: Someone who is unsophisticated, uninteresting and unoriginal. Basically, whatever is can be qualified as a "not" that defines the person.

used In a sentence: All she does is go on Facebook and rant and complain — she's so basic.

can't even: When something is so indescribably good, one cannot handle the given situation.

used In a sentence: Big Sean's new album is so good, I can't even.

IOENO/UOENO: stands for "I don't even know" or "you don't even know." Think of IOENO/UOENO as the modern day idk. (Psst. idk is "I don't know.")

Used in a sentence: "When do final exams start?" "IOENO."

low key: to want or do something in secret or discreetly.

Used in a sentence: I low key want some pizza right now even though I started my diet an hour ago.

No flex zone: A place where one shouldn't brag or flaunt himself or herself in order to show off or gain attention.

Used in a sentence: First person: "My new dress was on sale for $20. The regular retail price was $199.99." Second person: *Glares* No flex zone.

On fleek: Something that is without error or imperfections. "On fleek" can be used when something is the or when someone, maybe "bae," looks flawless.

Used in a sentence: Your outfit was on fleek yesterday.

OTP: Means "one true pairing" and refers to a person's favorite combination of people in a relationship.

Used in a sentence: I'm so sad that Big Sean and Ariana Grande broke up because they were my OTP.

thirsty: Thirsty, in the slang sense of the word, can be defined as someone who is overly desperate for someone or something.

used In a sentence: OMG he's so thirsty. He won't stop following me around.

Yaasss: Think of yasss as the word yes on steroids. Yasss is used with a trillion times more excitement. (The more "a's" and "s's" used the more enthusiasm is conveyed.)

Used in a sentence: "Movies tonight or nah?" "Yaassss."

Next Florida execution set for February

Next Florida execution set for February

Gov. Rick Scott has scheduled Florida's next execution for February.Eric Scott Branch, convicted of raping and strangling University of West Florida student Susan Morris in 1993, is set to die on Feb. 22 at 6 p.m.According to a press releas...
Updated: 4 minutes ago
Women will march again with aim to become a political force

Women will march again with aim to become a political force

Activists are returning to the streets a year after more than 1 million people rallied at women's marches around the world with a message of female empowerment and protest against President Donald Trump
Updated: 12 minutes ago
The Latest: Pope: Graft is a 'social virus' in Latin America

The Latest: Pope: Graft is a 'social virus' in Latin America

Pope Francis is calling corruption in Latin America a "social virus" that infects all aspects of life and must be combatted
Updated: 12 minutes ago

Businessman may get estimated 6-month delay in deportation

Ohio businessman who faces deportation to Jordan may be able to stay in US about 6 months while case is reviewed
Updated: 14 minutes ago

5 in US, 2 in Italy charged with running opioid pill "mills"

Federal prosecutors say two people in Italy and five U.S. residents have been charged in a fraud and drug trafficking conspiracy to distribute opioids in Florida and Tennessee, leading to hundreds of deaths
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AP Top News at 5:15 p.m. EST

AP Top News at 5:15 p.m. EST
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Winners and losing teams from early NFL draft entry period

Plenty of teams lost multiple players to the NFL draft, but some made out better than others
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Crews Lake thespians overcome the odds

SPRING HILL — It’s 8:30 a.m. — "homeroom" period in school speak — when kids in the Crews Lake Middle School drama club file into an empty chorus room to begin rehearsing under the direction of language arts teacher Kristen Sykora. There’s only 25 m...
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Proposed monument near St. Pete pier would honor Tony Jannus history-making flight

Proposed monument near St. Pete pier would honor Tony Jannus history-making flight

ST. PETERSBURG — Tony Jannus’s history-making flight in an early seaplane — simultaneously as ungainly and graceful as a pelican on the wing — is what Mayor Rick Kriseman calls an "under-told and under-appreciated" story, but a team of local history ...
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Hurricanes try to shake slump at NC State

The Miami Hurricanes were ranked No. 6 in mid-December, but they're in danger of falling out of the Top 25 for the first time after losing four of their past seven
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