Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Q&A: Deciding to dress up for spirit week

It is well known that with homecoming comes spirit week, but as the upperclassmen strut their stuff in costumes so over the top it will blow your mind, the underclassmen stick out like a sore thumb. So I decided to find out what was going on with the lack of spirit.

Veronica Beltran, Sickles High School freshman

Q: Why didn't you dress up for spirit week?

A: "I didn't know that spirit week would be this big."

Q: Did any of your friends dress up?

A: "No. They all told me that nobody was going to do it, but when I walked into school, I was shocked to see everyone dressed up."

Q: What was one of the craziest costumes you've seen?

A: "Well there was this one guy in a hot dog costume. That was pretty cool."

Ashley Rice, Sickles High School senior

Q: Why did you dress up for spirit week?

A: "Because it's my senior year and it's always a fun thing to do, and it just gets you pumped for homecoming."

Q: Did you plan anything with your friends?

A: "Of course I did! For twin day, my friend and I matched, and of course we planned everything the week before."

Q: How do you feel about this being your last spirit week in high school?

A: "Honestly, it makes me sad because it makes the week so much more enjoyable, and when you walk by someone who's dressed up, they just shine with happiness. I'll miss that the most."