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At WEDU's Florida's Kids & Alcohol Town Hall Meeting, we asked high school students about prom and the dangers of alcohol and drugs.


SAM DOLSON | St. Petersburg High

Walk through prom night with these interactive illustrations. Click on the hotspots to find out how you can have fun and stay safe on your special night.


  1. The skinny: Biden a no-show for teen's prom but sends corsage

    Bizarre News

    Dream date

    Biden a no-show for prom, but sends corsage

  2. At Osceola High, a transgender student makes a run for prom king


    SEMINOLE — Concrete, coveted Osceola High, with its demerit system and monthly parent meetings and ban on flip-flops, is the only fundamental high school in the state of Florida. Fundamental schools, to borrow a phrase from Pinellas literature, are "like schools used to be." Cut off from Lake Seminole by a forest …

  3. With a little creativity and some research, $100 buys a pretty good prom


    What would you do with $1,139? • Buy a plane ticket to a faraway country? A brand new MacBook? A fancy camera? • How about put it in your college fund? After the joy of college acceptances wears off, the harsh reality hits: College isn't cheap. Tuition, textbooks and room and board add up to some …

    Picking a dress doesn’t have to include stress.
  4. What's your most embarrassing prom moment?


    Prom is supposed to be the perfect night, but more often than not it's plagued with typical teenage awkwardness. Below, Wharton High students share some of their most embarrassing prom faux pas.

  5. Hot new styles for prom corsages and boutonnieres


    It's not old-fashioned to give your date flowers for prom, especially if you ask the florist for a special touch — some extra style to make a corsage or boutonniere pop. A girl does not have to wear a wrist corsage with a plain elastic band; most florists have access to accessories with bling, and some will …

    A single white rose gets dressed up with rhinestone ribbon in this boutonniere.
  6. When good (prom fashion inspiration) comes from 'Bad'


    We take our inspiration this week from the colors of an over-the-top television show that addicted audiences: The sunshine yellow of a hazmat suit and the icy blue of an illegal substance. Yellow dresses are hot. Tuxedos in color are retro hot. • Let it be known: tb-two* is NOT endorsing the making …

    Lisa Park and Patrick Lynch.
  7. Teens, do you promise not to drink and drive?


    You may see these around your school. The images are part of a flier from the Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation designed to help you stay safe during your prom and other times. • Pick up a copy of this AAA PROMise or go to for more info.

    From a flier by AAA’s Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation, urging students to pledge NOT to get behind the wheel after drinking.
Auto Club Group
  8. Stunning gown is student's prom dress, via Belle of the Ball


    Belle of the Ball, the Tampa Bay area charity that provides formal dresses free to needy girls, reports an especially successful first distribution week of the prom season.

    Diynesha Blaylock will wear this platinum chiffon gown.
  9. This week's Prom With a Pop: 'What Does the Fox Say?' w/video


    We're heading to the woods again during this third week of our pop culture inspired prom series, but this time we're in search of a fox. • Okay, that may sound a little ring-ding-dingy, we know. But we couldn't resist the viralness of this YouTube sensation-turned-children's-storybook by the Norwegian duo …

    It’s story time: St. Petersburg High sophomore Will Shelbourne reads from What Does the Fox Say? during the prom photo shoot.
  10. DIY prom dress: Turn thrift-store treasure into one-of-a-kind gown


    Floor-length red silk trimmed in gold will spin around King High senior Althea Mazanowski as she dances at her school's 2014 prom in a dress unlike anybody else's. In a sea of fashion magazine dresses with prices that make Mazanowski cringe, she will stand out in her $6 thrift store dress that she fitted and detailed …

    With gold trim and mad sewing skills, King High senior Althea Mazanowski created a look for prom that no one else will have.