How your Hillsborough County neighbors voted

Despite hosting the Republican National Convention, Hillsborough County supported President Barack Obama in the general election. In 2008, Obama won the county by 36,000 votes. In 2012, his margin decreased to about 34,000 votes over challenger Mitt Romney. The county is the western anchor of Florida's I-4 corridor and has about 1.2 million residents. In a preliminary count, 72 percent of Hillsborough's registered voters cast a ballot in this election.

Hover over your precinct to see how people who live in your area voted in preliminary election results. When you hover, the table below will show the polling place and city location of each precinct to help if you don't remember the number. There are 347 precincts in the county.

Counties are shaded by the margin of victory. The darker the color, the larger the margin.

Map key

Obama won these precincts.

Romney won these precincts.

U.S. President

  Candidate Votes Percent
Barack Obama %
Mitt Romney %

U.S. Senate

  Candidate Votes Percent
Democrat Bill Nelson %
Republican Connie Mack %

Property appraiser: Henriquez defeats Storms

  Candidate Votes Percent
Democrat Bob Henriquez %
Republican Ronda Storms %

This is Florida's true presidential bellweather

America's biggest battleground state has 67 counties but only one with an uncanny knack for picking presidents.

Hillsborough is the only Florida county that twice voted for George W. Bush and then flipped to Barack Obama in 2008. It's the only county that can boast of voting for the winning presidential candidate in every election since 1960, except 1992 when Hills­borough voters backed George H.W. Bush.

"If you want to watch Florida, just look at Hillsborough. Whatever trend you see in the state you see it right here,'' said Pam Iorio, the Democratic former Tampa mayor and elections supervisor. "I think we're more important than the whole concept of the I-4 corridor."

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