Obama wins Florida

Four days after Election Day, we have a winner in Florida: President Barack Obama takes all 29 of our electoral votes — not that he needed them.

Saturday, Nov. 10: Obama is declared the winner in Florida

Tuesday, Nov. 6: Incumbent Senator Bill Nelson has defeated Connie Mack

Roll over counties to see 2012 results as of . Final results were certified Nov. 20.


Preliminary 2012 results

Counties are shaded by the margin of victory to show the effect that larger, urban counties had on the outcome. The darker the color, the larger the margin of victory. Here are the ranges:

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Obama won 13 counties by margins ranging from 137 to 263,698 votes.

Romney won 54 counties by margins ranging from 300 to 46,753 votes.

Election coverage from the Tampa Bay Times

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Key counties

Times Political Editor Adam C. Smith picked five Florida counties to watch for the election:

Source: Associated Press. Map by DARLA CAMERON and WILLIAM M. HIGGINS | Times