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Acapulco Mexican Grocery and Taqueria

Categories: Restaurant, Shop

Cuisine: Casual Dining, Mexican

Cost range: 1.00-10.00

Payment options: Credit cards accepted

Alcohol: No alcohol

At the front it’s snack food and canned goods and a small produce case. Unless you look beyond the last aisle, you might not even see the cafe in back. And that would be a shame. The sopes here are wide and thin, like little crispy masa pizzas on which to heap lengua (beef tongue) or buche (beef sweetbreads). Spring for a bit more to double the tortilla on your tacos, because the two-ply seems better equipped to handle the generous serving of meat, whether it's the chili-pineapple-inflected pork or the sultry chipotle-fired shredded chicken. On weekends you’ll find loads of people hunching over wide bowls of menudo.

Hours: 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Mon.-Sat., until 5 p.m. on Sun.

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