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Cabana Grill & Bar

Categories: Restaurant, Bar

Cuisine: American upscale, Seafood upscale

Features: Beach/Waterfront, Big-screen TVs, Live music, Outdoor seating

Cost range: 20.01-100.00

Payment options: Credit cards accepted

Alcohol: Beer and wine only

Parking: Lot

Everything the typical Jimmy Buffett pastel Hawaiian print party joint is not. You'll feel like you're on the back porch of your rich relatives' beach house in this open-air little hideaway. You know, the ones who are old money and don't throw down big bucks on gauche fanciness. Wrought iron and ceramic tile outdoor furniture is stylish and modern with earth tones that stand out against stark white walls that mirror the sugary sand below. A small bamboo and wood bar has a widescreen HDTV in the back corner for watching games. You can almost pretend like the beach was never developed drinking here. It's on the third floor, overlooking a pristine stretch of sand. You have to lean out to see the onslaught of condos along the shore. Full liquor and beer available here. Blue Moon on draft. Wines include Bonnie Doon "Pacific Rim" Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon from Cartlidge and Browne. Extensive frozen drink and martini list includes dessert concoctions. The Pink Sunset frozen drink (Three Olives Citron, Bacardi Light Rum, Tanqueray Gin and sour cranberry juice) quenches with a clean buzz. Moderately priced food, prepared by Cabana Grill, the restaurant on the property. You get a small but varied menu of burgers, salads, sandwiches and refined appetizers that runs the gamut of bar food to gourmet. We ordered an excellent sirloin burger. Highly recommended but don't forget to ask for the cheese.

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