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Cello's Charhouse

Categories: Restaurant

Cuisine: Steak house

Features: BYOB

Cost range: 10.01-20.00

Payment options: Cash only

Alcohol: No alcohol

Parking: Lot

The restaurant has been an ill-kept Safety Harbor secret since 1998. The building itself is certainly loud enough, its exterior given over to a faux-cubist mural featuring a cello, wine, bread and two ladies with crazy grapefruit bosoms. Then inside? It's like a rec room heavily garnished with Rosie the Riveter posters and other World War II memorabilia, the ceiling a neck-kink hazard of photo collages. There is no liquor license, so bring your own. New owners Andy and Lori Holynskyj have brought new enticements to the menu. Meals begin with a plate of toasted, seasoned flatbread triangles and a bowl of beer cheese soup topped with buttered popcorn, then a house salad and entree accompaniments like a duo of fresh cheese ravioli and a whole grilled carrot.

Hours: 5:30-9 p.m. Tue.-Sat.

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