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First Flight

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A national dining trend in 2012 played out in the country’s airports. The idea: Start a visitor’s experience right as they step off the plane by assembling shops and restaurants steeped in local flavor. Galvanized by the success of airports like San Francisco International (where 85 percent of the foodservice offerings are local), Tampa International took the plunge, with 40 percent of the airport’s concessions changing up this past year and more on the horizon. Mise en Place’s First Flight has taken the marquee spot at the center of the before-security main terminal. A huge and glamorous bar provides a perfect perch for people watching, with a list of more than 35 wines from the major wine growing regions of the world and a nibbly menu of cheeses and charcuterie that is at once sophisticated and comforting.

This is part of Times Food Critic Laura Reiley's 25 Top Affordable Restaurants in Tampa Bay.

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