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Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida

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Categories: Attraction, Tourist attraction, Sightseeing tour, Day trip

Features: Camp sites, Guided tours, Hiking trails

Payment options: Credit cards accepted

Parking: Lot

Admission: $85 for adults and children 10 and older who meet the 70-pound minimum and 275-pound maximum weight requirement

Florida Forever is a 4,700-acre eco-ranch and wildlife conservation area has a variety of ecosystems, including live oak hammocks, pine flatwoods and cypress swamps.

In 2011, the attraction updated its Zipline Safari, which now  takes guests up to an astonishing 68 feet, nearly 20 feet above the treetops. This height allows guests to view for the first time the entire 4700 acres of conservation and eco-ranchlands that make up Forever Florida. Gazing out across 10 miles of visibility, guests can see all 12 of the conservation area’s unique ecosystems.

One of the new zips takes riders from blue sky views into a rapid 30 foot descent into the treetop canopy ultimately skimming out over the low lying palmetto bushes of the Pine Flatwoods. The Zipline Safari has been fully upgraded to be the only dual line zipline experience in Central Florida with no hand braking.

Read outdoors writer Terry Tomalin's description and tips.

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