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IMAX Dome Theatre at MOSI

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Categories: Movie theater

Features: Date night

Payment options: Credit cards accepted

Alcohol: Full bar

Parking: Lot

More in this neighborhood: University Area

Opened in 1995, the IMAX Dome Theater has 10,500 square feet of screen space. It has a specially designed, six-channel, multispeaker sound system, and the projected image is 10 times larger than a conventional 35mm frame and three times larger than a standard 70mm frame. That makes for a powerful movie-going experience, especially for many of the 3-D movies released these days. In the lobby, BAR 1570, named for the type of film used to shoot IMAX movies, serves a wide variety of beer, wine and top-shelf liquors. During the showing for the final installment on the Harry Potter film series, it served Butterbeer with a shot of vodka in it.

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IMAX Dome Theatre at MOSI - University Area