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Jade Bistro

Editor's pick

Categories: Restaurant

Cuisine: Asian, Bistro, Vietnamese

Features: Catering, Kid-friendly, Takeout

Cost range: 10.01-20.00

Payment options: Credit cards accepted

Alcohol: Beer and wine only

Parking: Lot

More in this neighborhood: Pinellas Park

Almost all the dishes at Kim Luu's restaurant have that heady Vietnamese alchemy of sweet balancing salty or spicy, crunchy pitted against plush. Luu opened little space as An Ngon, but even regulars had a hard time pronouncing it. An is Vietnamese for "taste" and ngon means "delicious." Bingo. But maybe Jade Bistro rests in the memory banks better. And it should: Prices are extremely reasonable, service is charming and solicitous, decor is simple but cheerily tidy. The menu dips into other Asian cuisines, a few dishes from China, a couple from Malaysia, and a sushi menu they're still tinkering with. Even these other cuisines benefit from the Vietnamese affection for fresh herbs, lime and nuoc cham dipping sauce, which stamp dishes with their own distinctive panache.

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Jade Bistro - Pinellas Park