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Mermaid Tavern

Editor's pick

Categories: Top restaurant, Bar

Features: DJ/Techno, Happy hour, Live music, Outdoor seating, Top restaurant

Alcohol: Beer and wine only

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If there’s one neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area that struck it rich last year, it’s Seminole Heights. On the heels of cult faves like Ella’s and the Refinery, Domani Bistro Lounge opened, the Capdevilla family (La Teresita) launched Sabroso and Mermaid Tavern became a go-to neighborhood watering hole. As with the Independent before it, the fly in the ointment was lack of grub. Yeah, there’s a great outdoor patio, '60s and '70s films projected on a screen in the back, “bring your own vinyl” night and a world-class beer list, but a girl gets hon-gry. A few months ago they added food (just like the Independent before it), and it’s a wonderful short list of sharable noshes, from hummus with warm pita triangles to truffle fries and a Middle Eastern kefta burger.

This is part of Times Food Critic Laura Reiley's 25 Top Affordable Restaurants in Tampa Bay.

Hours: 4:30 p.m.-3 a.m. daily.

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Mermaid Tavern - Seminole Heights