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Mo' Ziki

Categories: Restaurant

Cuisine: Greek, Sandwiches

Features: Children's menu

Cost range: 1.00-10.00

Payment options: Credit cards accepted

Alcohol: No alcohol

In the Bardmoor Promenade Center. Operating a little like a Middle Eastern Subway with an eye toward healthy options, the most exciting things at Mo’Ziki are the sauces, a passel of flavored tzatzikis (thus the restaurant name), from roasted red pepper to lemon avocado. These serve as dippers or drizzles on pitas, wraps, bowls, salads or Greek-style quesadillas (go cheddar blend and avoid feta in these, because it doesn’t melt well). Toppers include gyros (made in nearby Tarpon Springs), marinated and sliced chicken, Greek-style steak, a jumble of roasted vegetables or a big dollop of very tasty hummus. Then choose the garnishes, from kalamata olives to pickled beets and pepperoncini.

Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. daily.

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