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Paciugo Gelato

Categories: Restaurant

Cuisine: Ice cream parlors

Features: Takeout

Cost range: 1.00-10.00

Payment options: Credit cards accepted

More in this neighborhood: Downtown St. Petersburg

Gelato is not just the Italian word for ice cream. It is different altogether: denser, softer, creamier than American ice cream. Gelato often incorporates purees of fruits or nuts, and it is kept at a warmer temperature, making it more amenable to cups than cones. Made with milk, not cream, it has about 70 percent less fat than many ice creams. Opened at the end of 2006, Paciugo (pa-CHU-go) offers 32 to 34 flavors each day. In a small cup you can mix three flavors together. Consider pairing the intense chocolate fondant with a bit of lush hazelnut (the most popular flavor in Italy) and then tie them together with a third selection of gianduja (thatХs chocolate and hazelnut together, like Nutella).

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Paciugo Gelato - Downtown St. Petersburg